Confidently Speaking

Connective and strategic communication skills, coached and trained by one of the very best in her field…

POWERFUL personal and corporate communication skills fully customised to suit your needs: including strategic communication, voice and camera skills-every aspect, in every type of public speaking forum. Because you and/or your staff deserve to “come across” in the best way possible. To be articulate, have a presence, be listened to, be taken seriously, and most importantly, be HEARD!

General introduction to public speaking

7 Habits of Highly Effective Speakers

Claire has been a Communication, Speaking, Personal Development, Executive and Business coach, in one-on-one and group work for some years now. AND she’s also been a passionate master teacher of vocal and on-camera practical skills, having coached performers through a three/four-year degree programme.

One key takeaway from her experience and expertise – is that communication strategy, a resonant and articulate voice, an open and lively face and appropriate body language – are all superb gateways to expressing content in a meaningful and engaging manner!

Join Claire for one-on-one or group training, to artfully convey a message, assertively put across a point of view; be heard or be the consummate listener; reach, persuade, convince, even mesmerise! And handle your audience, whoever they may be, like a confident and accomplished pro.

Bespoke, for your convenience, Claire breaks her work into modules, which can be easily and stylishly combined to create the perfect training for your board, management team, staff, staff team-or anyone moving into a position which requires enhanced communication skills. And, of course, for anyone not familiar with the art of strategic communication or speaking, wanting to develop a new skillset!

Claire devises unique programmes to suit a person or team’s specific needs, and, of course, a work schedule. She works around YOU.

And her programmes cover all arenas involved in becoming a first-rate communicator, including:

  • Strategic thought and related communication skills.
  • Strategic communication techniques.
  • Tempering behavioural styles to communicate with the right approach.
  • Assertion and persuasion.
  • Construction of speaking material.
  • Conquering performance anxiety and the triggers that lead to it.
  • Finding confidence in vocal delivery and body language.

Speaking in public – everything you need to know about the following:

  • Delivering talks or key addresses.
  • Communicating at work-in meetings, presentations, brainstorms, crisis situations; addressing staff etc.
  • Handling the media and doing TV or radio interviews.
  • Buffing up sales techniques.
  • Polishing interview skills

And of course, coaching technical voice and on-camera skills to complement the ‘thinking stuff’!

Whether you’re face to face, online, on the phone, on Teams, on Zoom, on Skype or even on radio or TV, Claire’s got you.

She’s literally your one-stop speaking shop!

Have a look at the videos on this page for interesting and informative communication insights-and the blog posts on this site for articles on the same.