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“Become the Chameleon” is a unique and powerful coaching/training/facilitation model to inspire seamless change and/or development for the individual or group. Business and personal.
It colourfully blends and customises change and developmental modalities, to offer you easy and effective transformation, to walk you forward through the immense changes of 2020.
It also reveals to you the art of effortlessly blending with your new environment: not just to cope with it, or even find solutions, but to use it to your best advantage!
Impactful, change-provoking and enlivening, it’s been specifically conceived and developed for the post-lockdown period-to help both leaders and staff deal with their ‘new normal’ in a proactive, yet insightful and empathetic manner.
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To get going and to get an insight to The Chameleon Method, listen to Claire on 702 discussing retrenchment with Azania Mosaka.
Coping with retrenchment (both sides): counselling on, AND/OR running the Section 189 procedure efficiently, correctly and compassionately; AND/OR focusing on the retrenchee: -counselling, career counselling, entrepreneurship-and other relevant soft skills.
Dealing with change (personal, life, business, organisational, communication)
Restructuring (new roles, new responsibilities)
Bettering communication skills: including public speaking; vocal, presentational and digital media skills
Expanding thought and communication strategies
Improving leadership, management, employee and/or soft skills
Claire has harnessed her own “chameleon power” by offering her considerable versatility in corporate work, to skillfully merge her coaching programmes to suit your needs, and create your solutions.
“Become the Chameleon” is handcrafted for you: it’s personalised combination of coaching modalities, structured as training, facilitation or coaching programmes: online or face-to face, as long or short as you need them to be!
In an online assessment, you and Claire can discuss and settle on what you need.
Claire then devises and follows the personalised recipe to suit YOU!
Examples of topics that Claire coaches on, and can execute or expertly ‘blend’ for you, include:
Communication skills: (including public speaking; vocal, presentational, on-camera and digital media skills)
The retrenchment package (both sides-including assisting with the HR process-running the Section 189 procedure efficiently, correctly and humanely; HR counselling for retrenchee trauma, morale, recovery; also career counselling and entrepreneurship)
Change management
Leadership and management development/skills
Team building
Relevant soft skills (including EQ, anger, conflict, stress management and release)
Thought and communication strategy
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