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Because your staff deserve to expand their skills and vision. Develop and even transform their perspectives.


Claire offers stimulating and creative group work; and thought-provoking, enlightening talks
Inspiring, energising group work-coaching, training or workshops.
Your staff deserve to be upskilled and uplifted. By creative group work that actually generates lasting change, to advance and mature your office
You can create your own modules out of the following
Become the Chameleon
Workplace Readiness
Soft Skills
– EQ 
– Time Management
– Behavioural Style
– Assertive and other Behaviours
– Emotional Intelligence
– Stress and Anger Management
– Conflict Resolution
Business Etiquette
Minimising Workplace Negativity
Claire offers talks based on her coaching, counselling and training topics, which can be fully customised to suit your needs. Articles from her blog on this site are also available as talks.
Look out for her on You Tube, as she’ll be presenting on a variety of topics in 2020!
A few of Claire’s talks include
There’s Nothing Random about Retrenchment
“Transformation 2020” (especially customised for Women of Stature Chapter meetings)
The 9 Ps of Personal Power
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