• Current PHD studies in Mental Health from 2022 onwards
  • Current studies in hypno-and regression therapies
  • Certified Facilitator
  • Both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Metaphysical Science
  • Honours Degree in English & Drama


Claire’s very interesting and diverse background in both the arts and education fields has been a wonderful scene-setter for the coaching/counselling/training work she’s done later in life. Her calling to help people by creating Vocalise LIFE (her ‘tapestry’ as she calls it) comes from the life threads she’s sewn together to create it! From her acting background, her years as artiste management company owner and SA body of agents chairperson; and her roles in education as student counsellor, deputy principal, head of department and lecturer.
A creative, a manager, a leader, therapist, speaker and teacher-she has it all!
Never one to stay in the box, her therapy work and studies have taken her to the cutting edge of new thought – especially in the mental health field. In 2022, she’ll be specialising in this arena, while also creating new and innovative corporate programmes to really lift corporate reality into a new dimension.

In Claire’s coaching/training capacity, she has been an executive coach – and worked with personal clients, board members, directors, managers, and staff members – principally in the fields of personal development, soft skills, stress management, organisational culture, change, teamwork, leadership and management.

She’s also a very dynamic communication and speaking coach/trainer, who has helped many a person stand up in public, or public online- especially in corporate ‘public’- and communicate fluently, easily, with confidence and enjoyment!

As a counsellor, Claire has become somewhat of an innovator, drawing on her extensive experience in working with trauma, disorders, depression and anxiety, to create a brand-new therapeutic modality which will be the subject of her doctoral studies in 2022.

Extensive research and analysis of case studies over some years, have brought her to the point of striving to create an alternative spectrum for mood disorders, something which could lead to the resultant treatment being life changing.
Have a look at her Mental made Easy page for more information.

You can work with Claire online or face to face…

And have a look at the rest of Claire’s website to see what she is offering in 2022-there’s lots of new-and it’s hot!


Why the term “Vocalise” used as a company name? It’s a catchy name, but surely there’s more?

Well, in standard dictionary terms, vocalise means to ‘express’, ‘utter’, or ‘state your opinion’. In coaching or counselling terms, the same is true, but the context can be considered far more profound.

To ‘vocalise’ from this perspective, for example, suggests expressing and releasing our deepest and truest truths or issues. Speaking or interacting with confidence. Strategising intention into the right language to handle and manage others and build solid relationships. To not “vocalise” for whatever the reason, can make life very miserable! And, of course, people are built differently: some find it so easy to express or release what they need to; others not.

My thought of using the two words, Vocalise LIFE, is to encourage you to speak.
Speak your truth, your pain, your fun, your strategy, your issues, your thoughts, your feelings…your LIFE! And, of course, I’m here to help you…Whether you’re vocalising to me in session, or I’m vocalising with you in a training room; or we’re looking at how to vocalise to staff, in meetings, online, in public; OR you’re looking to find your voice to shed your deep-rooted ‘stuff, or utter your most profound-you’ll never go wrong if you learn to Vocalise your LIFE!



Claire listens to your needs personally, or the needs of your company, and creates your programmes around exactly that.


Claire’s extensive experience in the worlds of coaching, training and counselling-as well as in business, education and the arts-makes her the multifaceted person you need-someone who’s walked her talk, to better talk yours!


Claire is dedicated to supporting your personal journey and mental well-being with easy-to-use tools and innovative solutions, which track and treat your core issues with ease.