Claire is an extremely versatile corporate coach and trainer, using her all-round talent and background to address personal and company issues-and create wonderfully multi-dimensional coaching/training programmes in many different modalities – for leaders and staff alike.

Claire’s ‘alter ego’ has also been a very active mental health counsellor, working with adults and young adults, again in a variety of disciplines, resulting in her 2021 ground-breaking modality development called “Frequency Balance™”, a brand new and exciting system based on the premise of underlying behaviour patterns causing a variety of mental issues, imbalances and even disorders..

Claire will be pursuing her PHD studies in the mental health field in 2022, and also executing her most innovative and enlivening training programme to date: one in which she combines her extensive experience in creating corporate group work, with her innovations in the mental health field, to create a trailblazing experience, geared for leaders, management- and general staff.

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“Connective Communication”

POWERFUL personal and corporate communication skills fully customised to suit your needs

“Compelling Personal Development and Business Skills”

Life and work, coached and trained by one of the most versatile and INNOVATIVE coach/counsellor/trainers in her field.

“Ground Breaking Mental Health Knowledge”

Life and work, coached and trained by one of the most versatile and INNOVATIVE coach/counsellor/trainers in her field.

“Informative and Inspiring Information”

Bespoke-or booked-from Claire’s library, to give you UNIQUE perspective on an interesting variety of topics.


Organisation 2019 & 2020
“We highly recommend Claire J. Gilchrist as trainer, coach and facilitator. Our organisation is transforming under her guidance.
Three training sessions for us included:
Redrafting the organisation’s constitution
Leadership skills
Team building skills
Organisational structure
Organisational culture
Change: the history, mission and vision of the organisation-and its culture
A strong focus on self-analysis, emotional intelligence, behavioural patterns, assertive behaviour and communication, anger management and conflict resolution.”
Corporate Client 2019

Training… “included leadership skills, assertion and communication skills…

In a nutshell, Claire was exceptional in coaching the roles that board members and senior managers/secondary and tertiary education staff had to embody during potential times of crisis as well as training the communication styles (written and verbal) so valuable in embodying these roles.”
"Mental Made Easy" client 2021 - 2022: Snippets of a client's feedback on working with very specific anxiety

I did as you said last night before bed and immediately, I felt a sense of peace wash over me- my whole body just relaxed and my mind went blank. I’ve never experienced anything like it… it was like my whole being was at rest. My mind kept popping up with thoughts that I had been playing the whole day in my head, but there was like a barrier btw my mind and body- there was no penetrating the peace, and I went back to my normal state.
It was amazing!!! I’ve heard about being at peace and never really thought too much about it until last night. It was an amazing experience.
There is also a sense of solidness going on with me…I feel seen, heard, an individual, a human being! I’ve learnt that I can be assertive but nice without the whole world crumbling down around me as I feared before. Very cool stuff!!
It’s amazing, every time we work, I see the solutions to my problems which I’ve been carrying with me for years. Some of it I thought was actually just how I was…
I know I say thank you often, but you have no idea how much I appreciate what you’re doing with me, because it’s changing my life one bit at a time…healing wounds that were gushing with pain and hurt that have started to become normal. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life, a life that I can enjoy- and part of it is because of you!

Personal Client 2020
“Claire has assisted me in developing a new strategy and road map, to assist me in repositioning my career and work life, post non-renewal of job contract in 2020.
Claire has a very dynamic, “fit for purpose” approach and methodology, and helped guide me change my attitude, to create a genuine vision for a new career path.
I find Claire very intuitive and to the point-and she has an uncanny ability to unlock the inner stumbling blocks we all have in seeking the best road map and approach to repositioning one’s life career.”
Company Owner 2020

“During an initial training, it had become clear to me that follow-up work was needed-primarily in the field of leadership-for myself.

Claire fluently and easily dealt with the concepts of leadership, and covered the many aspects that make it up- a complex subject in its entirety.

She tested leadership styles (to identify mine); and coached an enlightening new way of me approaching leadership, to change the ways in which I managed not only my staff, but my clients.

I would not hesitate in recommending Claire to you.

She understood our needs, is great at customising work specifically geared for those needs- and her work resulted in greatly improved relationships and work performance in our office.”

19 year-old Personal Client 2018

“Claire helped me take the right steps towards overcoming my eating disorder which I had dealt with for 6 years.
Through her unique approach of counselling, she helped me to truly understand what the roots of my issues were; and showed me how to use various coping techniques, to help me live an actual life again-and see a bright future for myself, which I didn’t think was possible.
One thing I really respect and admire about Claire is her ability to be so open and honest about her own personal struggles, which made me relate to her a lot more, as well as open up to her.
I would describe my overall experience with Claire as positive, encouraging and life-changing.”

"Mental Made Easy" client 2020 - 2021: Transcribed from recordings with client

The client suffered from what I’ve loosely termed ‘Mood Syndrome’, which in her case, included intense anxiety and panic attacks, sudden anger, focus issues, food-bingeing, over-control issues and irrational fears of failure. Over-achieving.
After working with Claire for a year-
“My intense need to control EVERYTHING and operate from an irrational fear of failure, diminished. As did my anxiety and panic attacks. I really benefitted from using the tools you gave in session to slow my system down-to calm anxiety and also learn to get myself out of panic attacks. Long term, using specific tools repeatedly, I found I had far fewer attacks.
My binge-eating, and sugar and caffeine cravings, which helped me escape my constant feelings of fear and failure, improved hugely, as did my need to watch TV for hours, to fritter time away, escape from life, and avoid just about everything!
Releasing behaviour patterns really got to the source of all these symptoms-and what also helped was learning to release my emotions instead of bottling them up; I didn’t know how to deal with the pressure I felt inside, and that’s become better.”


"Mental Made Easy" client 2021 - 2022: Transcribed from recordings with client

The client suffered from what I’ve loosely termed ‘Mood Syndrome’.
In her case, it included bad anxiety, no confidence and fears of failure. Couldn’t sit still, very unfocussed, distracted, couldn’t complete a task-therefore couldn’t work. But also had severe seizures, sleep apnoea; and was ungrounded. She almost dissociated from her environment at times-and also went blank and ‘numb’, as she described it. She wasn’t allowed to drive. On meds for epilepsy and anxiety. For over two years before going on my programme.
“I became better. After 5 to 9 months of sessions, using your tools and learning how to manage my symptoms, I was calmer, more focussed, more grounded and present in my environment. I was not nearly so distracted, and I got stuff done. I could carry out tasks.
I started to drive again; my seizures abated almost completely (I maybe had one twice a month instead of almost all day, every day) and slowly weaned myself off one of the seizure meds. My sleep apnoea abated, so I could stop using the machine at night that kept me breathing.
The best is having the knowledge of what to do-to help myself if the old symptoms return.
After a year, I’m able to find purpose and look at working for money! I’m ready to move and get on with life. Not just cope.”