Coaching & Training

Life and work, coached and trained by one of the most versatile and innovative coach/counsellor/trainers in her field.
Highly effective and compelling personal development and business skills, personally handcrafted to suit your needs, because you or your staff deserve outstanding support, from someone who understands that one size does not fit all!

Your Amazing Inner Story

Claire has been a Personal Development, Executive, Business and Communication coach, in one-on-one, group, and training work for some years now, not to mention an ‘across-the-board’ counsellor; and she is delighted to offer you a brand-new coaching/training modality from 2022 onwards, one devised from extensive practice-based and quantifiable research.

Imagine a training created especially for you-based on some years of research- to bring about remarkable company metamorphosis!

To transform company culture and productivity from the inside out: the inside starting with YOU-the company employee, the company owner, the director, the manager, the board member, the staff member-YOU.

This training is for everyone: whether you’re IN a department, RUN a department or OWN the department; on your own or in a team, the programme helps you uncover who you are, how you function, and whether you’re fulfilling your amazing innate potential. And, if you’re not, transforming what Claire calls your ‘Challenger’ aspects into ‘Champions’. Learning to maximise your potential in the most intelligent, creative and dynamic manner.

Relatability or RQ, The Challenger & Champion

Claire calls this concept StoryVolution: the evolution (or revolution!) of your own personal makeup or ‘story’. A most exciting way to expand- in yourself, your role, and in what she calls your ‘Relatability Quotient’ to others. In other words, change within the self leads to the joy of self-actualisation and utilising skills effectively, and conceivably, brilliantly!  Which in turn leads to better relationships with others, enhanced teamwork, developing renewed passion in the company, the brand, the products and the services.

Change from the inside, from the individual IN the company, can give rise to spectacular change in the group dynamic.

Ergo, an enlightened and vibrant individual = an enlightened and vibrant company culture.

Change YOUR story, change the company’s!

The Relatability Quotient

StoryVolution is fundamentally different to other coaching/training programmes, as it’s not about using well-worn techniques to merely assist in coping with life or work.

It’s about restructuring the human psyche, as well as using innovative physical tools and strategies to create lasting company change. Claire’s training, as always, is hugely informative, interactive, engaging-and entertaining!

Available in coaching or training programmes, face to face or online, she is making this course available from June/July 2022.

Check out the videos on this page for a quick and easy look at what makes StoryVolution tick! And the blog posts on this site for articles on the same. And contact her asap, to let her change YOUR story-and customise YOUR version of fascinating and lasting company change!