A bee in Claire’s bonnet: the birth of the ‘Mental Made Easy’ movement!



Not always a textbook follower when treating patients (to give a person the help they REALLY need, in my opinion, and not create a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy), I have, in the last few years, been quite wary of certain ailments such as anxiety or depression, for example, being stereotyped or classified as ‘brain disorders’.

Or, as another example, focus issues being classified as ‘nervous system’ disorders.

The bee in my bonnet which buzzes very loudly at times (!) tells me that by classifying health problems into categories which really reflect WHERE the problem seems to MANIFEST, and not where it originates, means that we’ve missed the point. Well and truly.

It’s the ORIGIN of the problem that counts. And the ORIGIN or SOURCE is not a symptom.

By tracking and researching the source of an issue, one can actually revolutionise its diagnosis and treatment!

And do you know-the source is sometimes so simple, it beggars belief. Consequently, the treatment is often so simple, it beggars the same.

If you think or believe that certain ‘mental’ ailments are solely the territory of psychiatry or psychology, think again!

Counsellors deal with such a wide variety of problems, that the crossover into the “psych or psych” terrain is inevitable. Bar prescribing hard-core meds.

So, I’m convinced that evidence-based research for counsellors, something I’ve been engaging in for some years now, is a fresh and beautiful road to be walked, in terms of both recording and really digging into the types of cases we deal with, to potentially go off textbook-and offer exciting new discoveries to the world. Like, the actual SOURCES of conditions we’ve observed in sessions.

As I said, I’ve been at this for some years now, and am so ready to offer exciting findings to both my clients-and to people out there- who are looking for alternative perspectives on so-called ‘mental health issues’.

Much of my work spills the Kool Aid that surrounds the stigma and probable causes of ‘complex’ mental ‘stuff’, because we’re often not clear about where our stuff comes from. One of my aims is to clear up the misperception that horrible symptoms necessarily have horrible causes-and offer you an alternative perspective to mental issues being difficult, complex, scary, or even critical. A lot of the time, they’re not.

Sources can be simple, even logical. Treatment can be clear-cut, uncomplicated, and body-friendly.

Mental can be EASY!  It’s a perspective we need to wrap our heads around, to undo a lot of the conditioning surrounding the mental health field, in which complexity seems to rule. And the ways in which problems are diagnosed and treated, in which pills seem to rule.

And that’s why I’m starting a movement called ‘Mental made Easy!

Mental made Easy is essentially a perspective that comes from many case studies, over many sessions, many years of counselling, many years of walking my own talk-as well as from in-depth research studies. It’s about tracking, revealing and treating the correct SOURCES of common or not-so-common disorders, as well as revealing the relationships that exist between these disorders, often regarded and treated as standalone issues.

REAL sources and KEY relationships are the doorway to diagnosing and treating problems correctly and easily-and the upshot of this, is ultimately helping people self-manage their mental health with very little medication involved.

Sound interesting? Sound like something you need? READ ON!

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